Details Of Service

Contact can be made via phone, email, text, or Skype (Skype via prior arrangement).

What Happens First

The first session is an assessment session, where I understand your problems and what your goals are for therapy. The assessment session is also where you can decide if this is the right place for you, you can ask any relevant questions and I can also explain the process. It's important that you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. It is a professional, private and confidential working environment, structured to your requirements.


Sessions are generally once a week although variations to this can be arranged and work very well in certain circumstances. Sessions can be booked from 08:00 until 19:00 (Europe/Luxembourg) with some lunch spaces available. Therapy can also take place face-to-face in the office, or via video call through Skype, Zoom, or WhatsApp.


All prices are inclusive of 17% VAT and with a prescription, VAT may be exempt.

Type Prices (2022, TVA inclusive)
Individual assessment€145 (Euro)
Individual sessions€125 (Euro)
Individual double-sessions€250 (Euro)
Couples assessment€155 (Euro)
Couples sessions€145 (Euro)
Couples double-sessions€290 (Euro)
Parent sessions€135 (Euro)
Family sessions€150 (Euro)
Supervision€130 (Euro)
30-minute phone calls€65 (Euro)
Written reports€85 (Euro)
Mindfulness/meditation sessions€120 (Euro)

Please note that I am not presently registered with CNS or the European institutes. I am registered with private insurances, EIB and other companies which cover therapy, EAP programs, O.N.E scheme and international insurances and schemes.

Support and Contact

Phone calls and email contact are provided in between sessions when needed. Follow up email reminders are sometimes given when necessary, as well as books are given on loan to provide extra support. Information and worksheets are regularly provided and plenty of other support such as websites etc.

What can counselling/therapy help with

Counselling can help with various forms of stress, depression, anxiety, bereavement, loss, relationship difficulties, abuse, phobias, panic attacks, assertiveness, eating disorders, addictions, post traumatic stress disorder, living with pain or disabilities, obsessions OCD, sleeping difficulties, anger issues, dealing with difficult people at work or in your life, tackling exams and difficult situations, living/adapting to change e.g., moving to another country, self-esteem/self-confidence and many other related subjects...

Is there a set number of sessions?

Short & long term therapy is available. Short term work is often considered to be approx. 12-20 sessions and longer term work can be anything more than this. It really depends on the problem, how long you have had the problem and so on.

Services Offered

  • Individual, couples, and small group therapy is available
  • Therapy within your own setting if for example travelling is difficult due to disability
  • Telephone/Online sessions (Phone/WhatsApp/Skype/Zoom), with follow up email contact if needed
  • Mindfulness sessions and help with different meditation practices and difficulties
  • Ongoing support for people who are going through, or have finished rehabilitation programmes e.g. for addiction, or eating disorders.
  • Training sessions: for many different professionals, for e.g. health care providers, counsellors, life coaches, therapist, teachers who provide counselling support etc.
  • Mentoring if you are starting up your business or new to this area of work
  • Telephone/online supervision sessions, with follow up email support
  • Supervision is available, individual or group supervision—again in a setting of your choice is possible e.g., within your work setting if needed
  • Telephone/Online therapy sessions (Phone/WhatsApp/Skype/Zoom), with follow up email support

General Information

  1. The focus of the therapy will always be working towards the goals you want.
  2. Therapy/Counselling is a professional environment, where you will always be treated with respect.
  3. You will be encouraged to be as open as possible, even if this is giving negative feedback to the therapist, as this is often very useful and valid. Feedback is important in many different ways.
  4. You will not only learn about your thinking, feeling and behaviour, you will learn about CBT and be able to practice techniques at home—which makes it long lasting not just a ‘while in therapy’ support.
  5. CBT therapy is a process of discovery, as well as learning, removing blocks and much more depending upon what you want.

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