Intensive Therapy Retreats

Would you like to do an intensive therapy retreat in Lanzarote?

Combine a holiday in the sun and therapy together!

Be in an atmosphere of change, relaxation and total support, helping you to reach your goals quickly and deeply

Daily Schedule

  • 1 & ½ hours of group therapy 4/6 people
  • 1 hour of individual therapy
  • ½ hour of meditation and ½ hour of mindfulness (your choice)
  • Drop in session for information – asking questions, reading material, & if you would like extra support etc
  • 1 hour group therapy 4/6 evening session


  • Couples – recover and revive your relationship
  • Burn Out- heal and change patterns
  • Finding self again-have you lost you way?
  • Developing confidence and self-Esteem
  • Becoming the best you can be and changing direction in your life
  • Special Retreat-Healing from the childhood
  • Overcoming anxiety and self-defeating patterns
  • Overcoming depression and self-defeating patterns

Please email me to let me know of your interest

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