Intensive Therapy Retreats

I`m running many different therapy retreats throughout the year, each with different themes. Each year there will be some repeated themes, new themes and some follow on retreats for those having done some previously.

These retreats are for individuals and couples, the couples are run together with specific themes also.

Some retreats are exclusively CBT-Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which are very focused on you and the change that you want. Others are using a combination of different therapy models and utilising mindfulness and meditation – this is a powerful combination together. Others are therapy with yoga and some are therapy with meditation & mindfulness. Different specialist therapists are invited, coming from different backgrounds and specialisms -so they will also bring new ideas and enlightenment on different subjects. There will be a mix of female and male therapists sometimes, which is also great for our work together.

Some different themes are: Overcoming anxiety, depression, OCD, freeing yourself from your childhood difficulties, healing from trauma, reinventing yourself, getting unstuck and moving forwards, stopping self-sabotage patterns, relationship rescue/rebuild, dealing with `mid-life` changes - coming back to yourself, creating a new you and creating harmony & peace in your relationships to mention just a few.

For more information see the Retreat Website:

LOCATION: Villa Amatista, Camino las Huertitas 11, La Vegueta-Tinajo, Lanzarote

Be in an atmosphere of change, relaxation, encouragement and with qualities of joy and inner peace. Being free from your past is very liberating, enriching, light and I find endless energy. Living in the now, regaining control and not being blocked or held back by past circumstances and events is so liberating and provides the possibility for a rich life ahead. This retreat is organised for up to 8 people, with small groups max 4 people and with lots of focus on healing, growth and individual therapy sessions, throughout the week. Set on a mountain top in central Lanzarote, in total tranquillity and peace. Combine your intensive therapy and yoga retreat with a relaxing sunny holiday in Lanzarote — sun all year round. Therapeutic personal retreats are some of the most innovative and effective healthcare treatments currently available. Producing long term changes and effects. The model comes from theory and research that suggests that intense therapy over a short period of time can produce deep, long lasting results.

Support after the retreat is also an important part, which can be done in many different ways: resources from the retreat, books, apps, ongoing online sessions, your notes from the retreat, a specific follow up email will also take place to check in with you and answer any questions which you may have. There is a resource page also on my retreat website dedicated to this, with lots of links too.

Please email me to let me know of your interest

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