Experience & Specialist Interests

Previous Experience

  • Employed work has been in a set of six further educational campuses (Coleg Gwent College) managing and running a counselling service for students and staff.
  • I have provided supervision for Cruse Bereavement Care counsellors for several years.
  • I have worked for 21 years for Social Services supporting children and adolescents with learning disabilities, including behavioural difficulties, and provided counselling to young people with learning difficulties
  • Worked as a counsellor for Victim Support, supporting victims of crime.
  • I have worked for Gingerbread (Supporting one parent families)
  • I worked for a specialist organisation for Survivors of Child Abuse counselling adults, children and adolescents.
  • I have developed and managed my own counselling, supervising business in the UK since 2003 before moving to Luxembourg.

Current Work

  • My business is now in Luxembourg counselling adults and young people, couples and groups, working with EAP services, solicitors, rehabilitation, etc.
  • I offer clinical consultative supervision for counsellors and other health professionals including students in training

Subject Interests

  • Anxiety Disorders, OCD, panic attacks and phobias
  • Depression and mood disorders
  • Personality disorders and mental health issues
  • Recovering from trauma, critical incidents and childhood abuse
  • Living with chronic pain and disability
  • Change and Transition
  • Learning disabilities and challenging behaviour
  • School related problems, college and university challenges, e.e.g exam stress, bullying, time management, sexual identity issues, dealing with fear of failure, and failure
  • Bereavement, loss, divorce, suicidal issues
  • Relationship problems and relating difficulties
  • Assertiveness, self-esteem, and confidence

Specific Interests

  • I am interested in mindfulness and meditation
  • Finding inner peace when living in chaos, conflict or turmoil
  • Spiritual growth - working with the mind and body as one
  • Interests and studies of other approaches are:
    • Humanistic Therapies
    • Psychodynamic
    • Motivational Interviewing
    • The twelve Step model for addictions.
  • Western and Eastern psychologies
  • Neuroscience

I also work with many other problems, these are just more specific ones, so feel free to contact me as I haven't listed them all.

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